Kumawood star Kwadwo Nkansah tenderly called Lilwin has revealed that he would have still been a ‘morgue man’ on the off chance that he wasn’t a performing artist or artist.

He said preceding his present status, he acted as a morgue chaperon at 21 years old.

The humorist demonstrated that he would have been conveying dead bodies to acquire wage on the off chance that he had not sought after his fantasy of acting and putting blesses the characteristics of numerous in Ghanaian homes.

Talking on Ultimate FM’s Brunch facilitated by Naa Klordey Odonkor, the ‘I don’t think far’ hit producer demonstrated that however conveying dead bodies was a troublesome undertaking, he would wish to come back to his previous vocation.

‘About ten years ago, when the transport system in the country was terrible, especially at a small village called Kam 19, hardly would you see a vehicle plying on our road, the distance from the houses to the mortuary was far, so I was carrying dead bodies, those days I was charging GH¢20.00 per a body, it was very heavy but I needed the money so couldn’t resist the job.
I would have been carrying dead bodies now if not for my new job, I used to make Ghana-made sandals and shoes, if I stop both my musical and acting career, I would go back to my former self of making shoes or carrying dead bodies,’ he disclosed.

The CEO of ‘Boss Nation’ disclosed that he makes his own footwear, ‘Sometimes I make my own shoes and sandals’.

The talented actor advised the youth to live a healthy life style and desist from activities that would send them to their early graves.

The actor and some musicians such as Flow King Stone, Medical, Joey B, Guru, Strong man and others on Monday held Salla festival pool party at X-5 in Kumasi.

Source: Ultimatefmonline