Kojo Antwi Cautions Younger Artistes Against Singing About Women Bodies And Profanity

Ghana’s highlife Maestro, Kojo Antwi has advised young musicians to desist from using sexually suggestive words and focus their talents on producing songs with lyrics that have the tendency to transform lives.

He observed new artistes in the country have consistently been objectifying women’s body with the use of sexually suggestive lyrics in their songs without any form of decency whatsoever.

Though he admitted the new crop of musicians have their own style, he said it was important that they draw inspiration from the older generation in the industry,.

Speaking on the Yen Sempa morning show on Onua FM Thursday, the Mr. Music Man urged the new generation to be circumspect in the lyrics of their songs, and always bear in mind that people of all ages and descent listen to their songs.

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“The words, the lyrics are the most important. People are listening, children are listening. Those outside Ghana teach their children the local dialects with our songs but most of the lyrics are about a woman’s body,” he observed..

“Songs of today are more-self centered; it is just ‘baby, I will buy you that, I will buy you designer wear, just give me your body. I feel there are older musicians who taught the young ones better than they are doing.

“We have older ones like Fela, Nana Ampadu and co who taught us that we have a struggle, and struggling people think more us, instead of just me,” he explained.

He also said the use of social media has also made it easier for the young artistes to get away with some of such profane songs because there is not much censorship on those platforms as compared to the mainstream traditional media platforms.

Kojo Antwi said he is grateful to God for his talent and the fact that he is able to get his songs right and produce music that last a lifetime.

Meanwhile, the Maestro is due to host a musical concert on December 24, 2018 at the La Beach Hotel. He is promising an entertaining night for patrons. Tickets are currently selling at the La Beach Hotel, Airport Shell and Breeze FM for GH?500, GH?300 and GH?150.