Showboy threatened to shoot Junior US if he is jailed

Showboy threatened to shoot Junior US if he is jailed.

The news went viral today that Junior US, the guy who got into a fight with AMG’s Showby which landed Showboy in jail has been shot dead.

He was shot dead at his house yesterday evening, 18th April 2019 by unknown gunmen. From what have gathered, his body was discovered hours later after he was shot dead. Junior US died instantly.

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A lot of questions have been raised as to what could have led to the death of Nana Yaw Opoku aka Junior US. In the heat of the debate, a shocking video has popped up.

In the video, Junior US was telling Stanley Kodia aka KOD that, Showby before being jailed had threatened to shoot him dead if he is ever convicted.

Junior US explained that Showboy did not only keep the threats between them, but he also kept making these threats on social media too.


This explosive video has got many people thinking and wondering if Showboy had a hand in the death of Junior US. Until the police will be done with their investigations, we can only speculate.

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Showboy is serving a 6 years jail term for stabbing Junior US in his apartment in 2017. They got into a fight over who is richer between Criss Waddle and Shatta Wale allegedly.

A third person who was in the room recorded the whole encounter. Showboy stabbed Junior on his neck and multiple times in his stomach.