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The Real Story Behind Betterdays and Demzi Beef – How It Started

On Saturday December, 12th 2020 ToppaKlass Promotions show Nike vs. Adidas was brought to a startling halt after one of the local Dancehall Artiste allegedly seized the microphone.

Betterdays and Demzi Beef

Neff Gee opened the show and invited Demzi to join him on stage to perform their latest collaboration. A well-received crowd was hosted at the Twilight Club in Takoradi, Ghana West Africa. As the show continued Demzi one of the local popular Dancehall artiste took over the stage.

Once Demzi completed his performance the only microphone set up for the show was missing for over ten minutes. The next artiste Betterdays having no microphone took to the stage and the Dj took over playing hits for the crowd and girls flooded the stage to dance. Once the microphone was recovered, the battery inside the microphone was missing. The organizer ToppaKlass was receiving the guest when he was notified of the microphone malfunction. In order for the show to continue Betterdays had to postpone his performance until a new battery was purchased and fixed in the microphone.

The following day Betterdays’ management team Gadzone Recordz contacted the artiste Demzi and his management associates for clarification of the events surrounding the microphone malfunction and show delay after they performed. Although efforts were made there was no response from their management team. Upon contacting the organizer ToppaKlass he explained that at the very moment when these events were unfolding he was at the gate of the pub conducting the ticket sales, hence he came inside after he noticed the delay. ToppaKlass then contacted the management team for Demzi.

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ToppaKlass and Gadzone Recordz had already agreed to a collaborative event featuring both artiste Betterdays vs Demzi in a friendly lyrical battle upon Demzi’s management approval. A call was received by Gadzone Recordz CEO, TrapGad from Eliasu as acting management for Demzi. The caller was insulting, cursing and yelling to meet up for some physical engagement. He later in the recorded call stated that he saw the battery fall from the microphone while being handled by his artiste but never made any attempt to refix the battery or notify the Organizer. The recorded call was added to a diss song addressing the artiste Demzi and his management team. The diss song was recorded mixed & mastered in the Gadzone Studios performed by Betterdays. The management of Demzi has refused the invitation for a lyrical performance by the two artiste.

Upon interview TrapGad has stated that he has been in the music industry for over 19 years and has seen this same type of behavior in the Ghana music industry. “The industry is full of greed and selfishness that is why we have been stagnant.” The history of Dancehall was staged and built on clash to discover the best lyrical artiste… “Hence here in Ghana they try to go around it hiding behind the scenes to claim they are the best when they have never even mounted a clash stage.”


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