VIDEO: Obour Attack Ebony Over Indecent Dressing

Ebony’s dressing on stage and in music videos “is very bad,” says MUSIGA President, Bice Osei Kuffour (Obour).

“It is very bad. Again, in our vein as a union as much as we will try to make the public understand the role that our musicians play, that they are in an acting role… that they should be cautious of the moral values of the country that they are operating in” explained Kuffour to JOY NEWS.

“Lady Gaga could wear it and nobody would cry, will scream foul about it because maybe the environment, and the moral values of the country they are in, is different from the moral values of the country we are in now. And so we are always advising our musicians to be quite decorous… in their way of dressing.”

Ebony has come under severe criticism from many people for her outfits especially after what she wore to the 2017 4Syte TV Music Video Awards.

Watch video below.

Obour jabs Ebony over her costumes.#JoyNews

— #JoyNews (@JOYNEWSONTV) November 28, 2017