Agya Koo couldn’t handle his fame well – Bernard Aduse Poku

Agya Koo couldn’t handle his fame well – Bernard Aduse Poku

Kumawood Actor Bernard Aduse Poku has intimated that Legendary Ghanaian Actor Alexander Kofi Adu aka Agya Koo couldn’t handle his fame well and also snubbed a lot of people in the industry.

He believes the Veteran actor caused his own downfall. Days ago, an old video of Agya Koo chronicling his absence from the movie scene resurfaced.

In the said video, Agya Koo said some movie directors conspired against him to not cast him anymore for movie roles and to any director who dares to use him, they’ll sabotage the person.

Following his statements, a number of movie stars and directors shared their views with some pointing fingers at him for causing the downfall of the once vibrant twi speaking movie industry.

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Speaking in an interview, Bernard subscribed to the popular remarks by some known names that Agya Koo had a role to play in the collapse of the Kumawood Movie Industry.

He revealed that at a point in time when the Movie was at its peak, Agya Koo was the one calling the shot and since he was the biggest at that time he blacklisted some producers who were far and distant to him in the industry.

He expressed that Agya Koo was not exposed that much to certain things in the film business but he thought he was the zenith in his time and didn’t bother to dig deep.

Bernard further added that the veteran movie star should have had a team instead of only a manager because he reached a point where his fame was too big.