Akon lists African musicians who are richer than most US Hip-Hop stars

Akon lists African musicians who are richer than most US Hip-Hop stars.

The USA based superstar singer, Akon has mentioned names of some African musicians who are doing far better than the Hip-Hop stars in the USA that African music lovers value them so much.

Speaking at a Summit aimed to brainstorm on how African can be developed to match the developed world, Akon admitted some big stars in the Nigerian Music industry like Davido, Wizkid and others of their caliber are far richer than most Hip Hop stars.

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Akon born, Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam who originally hails from Senegal revealed that, contrary to the belief that Hip-Hop stars are richer because they wear expensive chains and drive luxurious cars for music videos shoot, they take Uber home after video shoot and return the goods borrowed because they are broke.

Akon applauded Davido and Wizkid for owning such cars some US bigs star dream of. He called on Africans to begin to value their own because they have the real deal.

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For Akon to mentioned Nigerian stars and raised them above all others in Africa comes as no surprise. Over the years, the Nigerian Music industry has developed to be one of the most competitive industry in the world making huge contributions to Africa development.