Badu Kobi reveal his plan to buy Private Jet and park at Kotoka Airport

Popular Ghanaian Prophet, Emmanuel Badu Kobi has reveal his plan to buy Private Jet and park it at Kotoka International Airport.

The General Overseer and founder of the Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Kobi says that if the government complains he will spiritually deal with them.

The outspoken Ghanaian preacher who is noted for gifting celebrities and his church members cars stated that a man of God should be the reference to their members and Pastors living lavish lifestyles will be imparted spiritually on their members.

According to him, a man of God should be rich so that he can bless people.

Prophet Badu Kobi indicated that Pastors are rather the ones who are supposed to live lavishly and not politicians who steal money from the nation and exploit citizens.

”I will not belong to a Kingdom and live like a slave, what is rolls Royce, I want to have jets, helicopters, yachts and I will spiritually deal with them. I clap for them(Pastors who live a lavish lifestyle). I want them to proceed. When they drive expensive cars, now it becomes a spirit. Now impart that good spirit to me and let my life be better. They should be the reference and not the politician who is stealing money.” Prophet Badu Kobi told Bola Ray on Starr FM’s Star Chat monitored by

Recalled that Prophet Badu Kobi became a subject for discussion after his alleged ethnocentric comments didn’t go down well with Ghanaians.

The outspoken Clergyman was under immense criticisms over his statement he made about Asante Women, Fante Women and Ewe women.

The man of God in one of his sermons tagged Asante women as problematic and greedy.

He also tagged Fante women as foolish and also indicated that Ewe women are doormats.

“If you marry Ashanti lady, you have imported problem to yourself forever. I have done my research and it is so. Ashanti ladies are ungrateful to their husband and I have to say it. They have a proverb translated as Ashantis don’t remember and you if you marry them and go broke, you will see how they will roast you. Fante women are foolish sometimes and Ewes too are doormat” Badu Kobi stated.