Ghanaian Chief Discovers Vaccine And Elimination Of Coronavirus

Ghanaian Chief Discovers Vaccine And Elimination Of Coronavirus.

Information we gathered has it that a Ghanaian chief and ruler of the Worgbato Kingdom of Klikor by name Torgbi Xenodzi Dogbey II real name Dr. Rabbi Segbene Xenodzi Furguson has reportedly found a natural vaccine, cure and elimination of the Coronavirus Pandemic which has infected over 300,000 people across the world.

Torgbi Xenodzi Dogbey II is known to be the author of the Bestselling World Prophetic Book in 2019 titled ‘The Nation’s Prophecy’.

The Chief drafted the following steps to his vaccine by God’s revelation and also stated that the current Pandemic had already been prophesied in his book ‘The Nation’s Prophecy’.



The best natural vaccine is to breathe steam over the bucket or pan.

Know that Pills or injected Vaccines may help but Shortens your Life span.

Put some quantity of chamomile and pilled potato back in the water and boil.
Add some Ginger, Garlic, Mahogany and Etso (Negro Pepper)
Pour into a bucket or pan. cover yourself with a blanket over the bucket to breathe/ inhale for 1-2 minutes and remove the blanket, and do so for 10 minutes in general.
This makes you immune to the coronavirus infection.

Best NATURAL Vaccine ever.


Prepare pure Coconut Oil without cooking. You can put Coconut or Copra Milk under the sun to get colorless pure coconut oil.
Mix with Honey.
Blend Ginger, Garlic, Mahogany and Etso (Negro Pepper)
Add to the mixture.
Take two teaspoons of it three times a day for 14 days.
You’ll test Negative afterwards and be free.


Find any of the following in very good condition;
Get natural Twelve Stones or rock, four of them a little bigger than the rest. Prepare an Altar in the Open space without any shade under the Sun.
Make sure the natural stones are not cut or shaped by any tool.

Get Firewood of Twelve different Trees with leaves.
Prepare the Animal chosen, washed in aromatic water with all the fats.
Lay on the prepared Altar.
Pour aromatic water on the Altar all about.
Complete this by 9am in the morning.
Don’t apply fire. Wait until 1pm.
Pray calling on YHWH/YEWE, the God of the Hebrews.
When fire descends from the sky to burn on the alter the smoke would neutralize the air, making the virus automatically dead when it enters the air, ending infection, healing the Land.
Sin no more. The devil hates whole burnt Offerings hence he stopped it for mankind many years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Devil gets paralysed anytime a whole burnt offering is made without eating the meat.

Let’s wise up my people.

Be Free today.