Here’s why you shouldn’t be a side-chick

Let’s start by helping us all understand the meaning of Side Chick or what it literally means to be some else’s side chick or chicken.

Side-chick is a general buzzword used to qualify ladies, girls, or women who cling unto another female’s husband, boyfriend or man for any forms of gains or benefits.

There is no special form or type of gain, it literally can be anything; ranging from financial gains, s*x, love, relationship, romance, educational, etc.

So this means that side chicks are like deputy/assistant or subordinates in a relationship between a man and a woman – so long they’re not legally married to each other.

The worst pain that Main Chicks often complains about in side-chicking is that their partners (Man) tend to hide these side-chicks so far-away that they don’t even get to find-out so easily – LOL, quite funny but true.

Below is the video footage of a Side Chick who was caught on camera trying to escape from the window of a storey-building of one of her clients.

The video went viral and thus garnered several mixed reactions on social media, Instagram & Facebook to be precise.

So now that we have learned about side chicks and chickens, do you think it’s proper to be a side chicken to any Man – all in the name of inexplicable gains or benefits?

Every lady might have different opinions and reasons as to why or why not, no doubt; I reprimand no-one because no man born of a woman is sinless and perfect.

However, judging from common sense: It is appropriate to become the head and not the tail. it is better to fight and become the main chick of a main as opposed to being his second-class girlfriend or sex partner.

For being married to a man or into a family as a second wife – that’s not a big deal, so long you’re happy with your partner, is accepted and welcome and legally wedded into that family.

It’s understandable that there are many reasons as to why some people get involved with the wrongdoings, even though it’s intentional, let’s look at some of these reasons in a true live event a story shared by an anonymous has been side chicken, LOL.

In her own words,
I AM a 27-year-old woman who is a side chick. I know that people see side chicks as these evil women who are trying to steal people’s husbands, but I have no such intentions. I’m an independent career woman with a very busy life.

And honestly, I was just not finding a man who fits into my lifestyle until I met this man. He is a bit older, wiser, a great mentor and he just gets me.

Most importantly, he doesn’t make unreasonable demands on me. I have lots of time to pursue my business and be with my friends. I can do all these without being policed and asked where I am all the time.

This man has given me advice and guidance on setting up my business. I make my own money, so this is not even about money. It’s just good to know that I have somebody I can talk to when I have challenges and celebrate with when I have victories. And of course, we have amazing sex.

Excerpt From Her First Responder.

1.) Linda Yende responds: The Other Side of the Coin?
I MUST admit that you make some strong and compelling arguments. And a lot of what you are saying makes sense.

However, let us consider the other side of the coin. I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t put all of this out there for you.

Firstly, consider the impact of your existence on the family unit. Whatever time he might be spending with you, is the time he should be giving to his wife and his children. With all the work pressure that

we all face, time is such a valuable commodity. So much so that every minute that he is spending with you, is the time that he could be sharing with his family or going to his children’s school concerts. So, in effect, you are actually stealing from his family.

Dangers of Side Chick: How To Move From Being a Side Chick To Main Chick Now!! Common Sense Weekend

2.) You’re Hurting His Family?
You might not see anything wrong with this, but this is not a victimless crime. Somebody is getting hurt.

You are robbing that man and his family of their time together. I know what you might be thinking at this point that you don’t owe them any loyalty, right? He does.

This is like buying stolen goods and saying, “As long as I don’t know the people it was stolen from, it’s not my problem.

3.) Don’t You Deserve Better?
Let’s talk about the impact that this relationship might have on you, if not now, then later. I know that you have convinced yourself that you want nothing more from him than what

you are getting right now. But the more time you spend with this man, the more you will start feeling that you don’t want to be without him.

There will come a time when you are tired of him grabbing his clothes and running after a passionate time together because he has to rush back home. That is not a great place to be. You might not be bothered by any of those things right now but at some point, they will creep up.

4.) His Wife Is Officially In Danger?
Understanding that his wife’s life is now in danger is something that may not occur to you now, but that’s what it’s sure. Because her days in that marriage is numbered, following your presence in his Man’s life.

We are emotional beings. There may come a time when you want more from him than he is able to give you. You will demand that he leaves his wife because you are tired of being his secret.

Now, what happens when he finally does that?

Will you be proud to take over another woman’s position in a relationship and marriage just like that? Do you have a conscience, will you find rest and peace of mind?

OK, let’s assume you’re comfy with that;

Now, what happens to the now new Side Chick position that you’ve made vacant? Of course, another job seeker is coming for it because what goes around comes around.

Can you withstand the fear and insecurity, the fear of being dethroned just as you did, the fear of him getting another side-chick while still married to you?

All of these are the many brainstormings that should be running through your mind now! it’s a lot of headache and mathematics to be done – that’s why I continued to emphasize on the fact that common sense is not common nowadays.

How to go from side chick to main ????
Pretty simple…

  1. Find the right man for yourself
  2. Look deeper and be sure that he doesn’t have a main chick
  3. Be yourself; it pays to be original

We will be going into an in-depth bantering and analysis on this topic in the next common sense weekend post here on Funny Social Medi Posts (FSMP).

In that post, we will be looking at most professional ways by which you can move from being a side chicken to the Main chick that you were created to be