Check the types of men that ladies date

Every lady would date or is probably dating one of these category of men. Which one of the men are you?

1.  The playboy
The playboy is usually this handsome or well-dressed, looking gentleman. These types of men have all the words women need, making it very easy for ladies to fall prey to them. Almost all women fall for the ‘player’ at a point.

Players are charming, confident, with the right amount of arrogance and easygoing.

My dearest player, the lovely girls you discarded are probably happily settled now and you missed out. Maybe it’s time to grow up.

2. The Mummy’s boy

Dating a mummy’s boy can be very sketchy. Guys naturally adore their mothers; but some go to the extent of always calling mum for help and advice on every aspect of their life. These sometimes include their intimacy life. Women who date men with these traits, mostly feel like they are competing for attention and affection. At times too these women feel unheard due to lack of attention.

However, on the positive side, these type of men tend to understand their girlfriends’ better and seem to have more respect and love towards their women.

Dear men, we love our moms too, but you should know that as love grows, we both come on different levels of the relationship you have with us. Grow up and be your own man.

3. The Good man

Then we have the good men, these men are rare. Always understanding, honest, faithful, easy to talk to, hardly lie; in summary, very committed. A good man is popularly known as ‘’the ladies’ man’’.

The issue with these types of men is that, they turn to be open and free with all ladies, causing their ladies to have trust issues if care is not taken.

4. The negative man

A negative man is one who always finds faults with everything his lady does. These men are mostly manipulative and abuse their ladies emotionally.

Negative men always ask for more and are never content.

Women who date such men usually leave the relationship refined to be their best version of themselves or remain in their relationships with lots of self-doubt.

5. The lazy man

There is a difference between a man who doesn’t have enough but works his hardest to earn a living; and a man who just doesn’t want to do anything but to live off of his lady.

These men usually cook up all form of excuses just to do nothing.

Man your home dearest gentleman, and make your homes a happy one!!!

But ladies, which of these types of men are you dating or you have dated and what are your experiences or expectations? Men, tell us also where you belong in the five descriptive types? And how do you intend to refine or adjust to make your lady happy?