Woman breaks the internet with her muscular body – PHOTOS

Beautiful woman breaks the internet with her muscular body (photos).

A 34-year-old woman from South Korea has become an internet sensation as a result of the sharp contrast between her beautiful feminine face and her muscular physique.

According to a reports, Yeon-woo Jhi is an IFBB Pro female bodybuilder with multiple major titles under her belt, which earned her a nickname, “Muscle Barbie”.

The news website further reported that she was once a skinny, frail girl suffering from panic disorder and struggling to overcome social phobia, so, she decided to resort to a nearby gym where she engaged in body building.

At the time she started going to the gym about 14 years ago, her aim was not to become an award-winning bodybuilder, but just for the sake of enhancing her energy and stop feeling inferior.

She became more interested and passionate about body building after realizing that it was making her gain more energy and stamina.

Her determination led to her winning the first bodybuilding competition she ever entered, and that only inspired her to work harder. She went on to win the Arnold Classic Europe Amateur in 2013, and became a pro in 2015, odditycentral.com reports.

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Yeon-woo Jhi has reportedly been partaking in many bodybuilding competitions for close to a decade, but she only became popular a couple of years ago, and many people are expressing admiration towards her.

“I started lifting weights 12 years ago. At first, it was just a simple hobby, but in 2010, I was challenged to participate in the Korean National Bodybuilding Competition. I placed first, so I continued to compete. I was very skinny and weak before I started working out, but I really wanted to have big muscles, she told Magazine in 2017.

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Her Instagram page has over 130,000 followers where she keeps posting her photos, and also featured on many local TV shows, making her popular in South Korea.