Meet Dada Joe Remix, the young millionaire sponsoring Shatta Bandle

Undoubtedly, the most famous dwarf on the whole of Africa is Shatta Bandle. Shatta Bandle became famous following the display of his “lavish lifestyle” on social media.

What most people did not know until blew the cover was that Shatta Bandle himself is not worth a dime! His lavish lifestyle is sponsored by a rich Ghanaian young man known by the nickname, Dada Joe Remix. brings you some unknown details about Dada Joe Remix, the young rich millionaire who has taken Ghana by storm.

Real Name And Age:
The real name of Shatta Bandle’s sponsor Dada Joe Remix is Nana Kojo Boateng. From what we has gathered, he is from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. He is in his mid-30s.

Marriage Life:
Dada Joe Remix is not married but sources tell us Dada Joe Remix has a baby mama who lives in Accra.

We have also been informed Dada Joe Remix enjoy the company of women a lot (You can’t blame him, money attracts a lot of different species…lol)

From what we has gathered, Nana Kojo Boateng aka Dada Joe Remix is a real estate guru and has several real estate lands across the breadth of the country. He has been doing this business for the past 3 years and has many achievements in the business.

For such a young man in a tough economy of Ghana, Dada Joe Remix own a fleet of luxurious vehicles. From Jeep, Benz, Lincon Navigate to Toyota Vehicles, Dad Remix has them all.

The young millionaire also owns expensive houses in the capital city of Ghana. He has house also in other major cities in the country. Being a real estate guru, it comes as no surprise.

As at now, the exact worth of Shatta Bandle’s sponsor is unknown but judging from his expensive houses, his fleet of cars and the lavish lifestyle of Shatta Bandle and himself, there is no doubt that Dada Joe Remix is one of the richest young guys on the African continent.

There have been wild speculations that Dada Joe Remix who is a very close friend of Nana Aba Anamoah is a fraudster.

It’s been alleged many times that Dada Joe Remix is actually a Sakawa Kingpin and the Real Estate company is just a cover-up to avoid the authorities.

Recently, Abusua, the Sakawa King who claims to have repented named Nana Kojo Boateng aka Dada Joe Remix as one guy he personally initiated in the Sakawa cult.

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