George Lutterodt explains why it’s not biblical to marry in the Church

According to George Lutterodt it’s not biblical to marry in the Church.

Controversial Ghanaian self-acclaimed Counsellor, George Lutterodt has yet made another controversial statement in a recent interview although he has been explicitly warned by the Psychological council of Ghana stop providing the services of a counselor on Tv and radio.

In defiance to this directive, George Lutterodt in a recent submission on Tv, opined that bible does not actually suggest that a marriage between a man and a woman should necessarily happen in church.

George Lutterodt added if a Pastor or Clergy person urges a man or woman to perform their marriage in the church, such woman or man should immediately stop attending the church because the concept of getting married was never stated the bible. Hence the Pastor is giving them an unbiblical advice.

What do you think about George Lutterodt’s latest submission? Do you think he’s right or you think he’s spewing utter trash?