The world’s most expensive Shoe that Costs $15.5 Million – photos.

Well, we have chanced upon the world’s most expensive shoe and its price really got us very surprised.

No one would have thought that just a pair of shoes will exceed $15 million.

It was unveiled in UAE in October last year.

It is the current Guinness World Record for the most expensive pair of shoes and it costs $15.5 million.

The shoes are made up of a solid gold heel, 30 carats of diamonds and contain a small piece of meteorite discovered in Argentina in 1576.

Vietri is no stranger to designing record-breaking shoes. Back in 2017, he showcased a pair of 24-carat gold stilettos in Dubai, worth more than Dh120,000.

Speaking at the time, the UAE-based designer said, “The word impossible does not exist in my vocabulary”.

See Photos below: