Moesha Boduong confesses how the Abani HIV+ allegation affected her

Moesha Boduong confesses how the Abani HIV+ allegation affected her.

For the first time, Moesha Boduong has opened up on how she has been badly affected by the Livingstone Abani HIV positive allegation from the Snapchat user, fatpu$$y


According to Moesha Boduong, knowing perfectly she has no STD, she was shocked and very disappointed when the news went viral and some section of Ghanaians believed the lies.

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Moesha Boduong revealed that even less than a month before the allegation that she was infected, she had donated blood to the Miss Ghana group and was of the strong conviction that she had no such STDs. It just broke her heart that people believed all those baseless lies.

In February 2019, a Snapchat user identified as fatpu$$y was on social media revealing heavy secrets about some Ghanian celebrities.

She alleged that her friend has contracted HIV from the CEO of BullHaus Entertainment, Mr. Livingstone Abani.

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She also boldly mentioned some names of celebrities who have slept with the man without protection and are now infected. Moesha Boduong, Tiffany and some other big names popped up in her exposé.