Musicians Entertain, But Live Lonely Lives – KiDi

Ghanaian highlife and afrobeat singer, Dennis Nana Dwamena, known in showbiz as KiDi, has said although musicians per their job description are entertainers, they are mostly lonely after leaving the stage.

According to him, musicians like himself keep asking: “Who is there to save the saviour?” because in his view, musicians lose friends as they become more successful in the industry.

Speaking to Bismarck Boachie (DJ Premier) on Entertainment Capital on Accra100.5FM on Saturday, 22 September 2018, the award-winning musician said: “The reality of the whole thing is, as you climb up you lose friends, it’s not supposed to be so but that is what it is, as God blesses you and the blessing takes you higher you lose your friends, I wish that we all go up together but sometimes because of your busy schedule, you don’t even get time to hang out with your friends. Some of them understand that this is what is happening so we have to adapt, but some also feel like you still have to have time for them.”

He continued: “It is very difficult to make people happy but when you are able to do that, you get home and it’s you alone, nobody entertains us, that is why we watch movies, we feel sad most of the time.”

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The ‘Odo’ hitmaker lamented that cyberbullying worsens the situation for them.

According to him, musicians are humans, too, and the insults thrown at them on social media add to their sorrow.

“What makes it worse is the internet bullying because after all the work you have done as an artiste hoping to make people happy… and you go back to sit alone trying to find your small happiness but go on the internet and people are constantly insulting you, we get worried. Most of the time, we let go but sometimes, too, we are humans and some of these things get to us, so, people need to know that musicians are not robots, they are not God and, so, they need to give musicians that respect.”