Ibrah One exposes the ‘Blackmailer’ who léaked his n3ked photos

Ibrah One exposes the ‘Blackmailer’ who léaked his n3ked photos.

We woke up this morning only to see some n3ked pictures of Ghanaian Millionaire, Ibrah One, on online platforms.

Well, Ibrah One has posted a statement via his social media handles saying that he has seen the photos, he accepts they’re his.

However, they’re photos that dates back to 3 years ago. And it’s his enemies who’re trying to use the photos to blackmail him.

In his Instagram story, he wrote:

“I’ve seen some photos of me circulating on social media.

I decided not to talk on it but for the sake of my loved ones, I’ll love to say this is pure blackmail.

These pictures dates back to 3 years ago in my old East Legon apartment.

The guy contacted saying I should pay $20,000 or else he’ll post my pictures.

I won’t pay him a dime. I gave him go ahead 3days ago to post the images. I wonder why he has delayed up till now.

I can even send him more pictures if he want.

They’ve done all they can to bring my reputation down but I’ll never be moved.”

Well, Celebrities Buzz has reached out to Ibrah One to tell us if he has seen all that is going on.

In his reply, he said he has seen it all and was even aware of it before it got leaked into the public domain.

According to him, he was contacted about 3 days ago by an unknown number who demanded $20,000 from him or else he’ll have his naked pictures leaked.

Ibrah told him he’ll never pay him.

The yet-to-be-identified blackmailer came back once again and slashed the money to $10,000.

Still, Ibrah wouldn’t budge to any of his threats.

Yet again, the faceless person came back and slashed the money down to $3,000 saying that if Ibrah One would pay this money, his picture would not be posted but failure to do so would get it leaked.

Ibrah again replied that he won’t pay even $1 and that the guy can go ahead.

See screenshots of their chats below:


Source: CelebritiesBuzz