Ghanaian American Based Actress Ayisha Buari Snitched Into Ghana Low Key

Ghanaian American Based Actress Ayisha Buari Snitched Into Ghana Low Key.

Truly there is no smoke without fire!!, and also nothing can be hidden from the media space after you read this story to the end the next thing that pops up in mind is why has it become a norm for our stars base in foreign lands jumps into the country without announcing or fears to announce their presence on arrival.?

The latest celebrity who has snitched her way into the country low key is no other than the beautiful daughter of ALHAJI Sidiku Buari and this has got the public asking questions as in why she decided to keep her home arrival off the public domain. OR now she is scared of the media?

Well, we believe she can have her private life as a celebrity but what baffles our minds is the fact that the daughter of the Ex MUSIGA president Alhaji Sidiku Buari has decided to delete a video of her self in a club in Osu just a few minutes after publication I believe some of her fans on social media can attest to this fact but the reason for this publication is to alert her followers who still thinks their super star Ayisha is in her base in the state.

But fact is we will not rest until we speak with her management to know first of all the reason she is back home, or perhaps she is even her for the holidays and of Couse to get to the button of this low-key arrival kind of thing so don’t go nowhere just stick and stay with us!!!! The video below proves everything!!!!!!!!