Xandy Kamel’s marriage collapses — Husband goes back to his Ex

Xandy Kamel’s marriage collapses — Husband goes back to his Ex.

The marriage ceremony between entertainer Xandy Kamel and sports presenter Kaninja has hit the rocks a year down the line.

Xandy has unveiled that her marriage is annihilated after Kaninja returned to ask his ex-girlfriend to have extramarital affairs.

Obviously, the woman being referred to, Annabel Boatema, a presenter at TV Africa, was involved with Kaninja before Xandy came into the scene. She has come for what has a place with her.

In an extensive Facebook Live video, Xandy sobs sharply as she discloses conditions that led to the breakdown of her marriage.

As indicated by Xandy, she knew about Kaninja’s relationship with Annabel in 2019 yet he denied it and beseeched her to experience passionate feelings for him. Their marriage fell off in May 2020.

Xandy got down on her better half for absurdly returning to his ex notwithstanding being hitched. She went on to request that he should be man enough to come and have their marriage separated rather than openly shaming her.

Xandy claims she has stayed silent however long she can yet she presently needs to talk.

Coming down affronts on Kaninja and his sidechick, she pledged to make their life hellfire.

Xandy says her significant other has since crawled under a rock.

Both Xandy and Kaninja have deserted their wedding rings and unfollowed each other via online media.

They have likewise erased pictures they shared.

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