Sarkodie – Try Me (Yvonne Nelson Song Reply)

Sarkodie try me lyrics

Sarkodie Try Me Yvonne Nelson Song Reply.

Iconic Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, has released a new song addressing the recent controversy surrounding his relationship with actress, Yvonne Nelson.

The renowned actress made allegations in her memoir titled “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” which was published on June 18, 2023, claiming that the rapper coerced her into terminating their unborn child.

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Yvonne Nelson recounted that when she revealed her pregnancy to Sarkodie, she could sense his heart racing, and when he eventually spoke, he faltered.

According to Yvonne Nelson, Sarkodie expressed his reluctance towards the pregnancy, fearing that it would tarnish his image and career hence the only option seemed to be getting rid of it.

The revelation came as a surprise to many, as there had been no prior indication of an intimate relationship between the two.

However, in his three-minute and sixteen-second song titled “Try Me,” Sarkodie addressed multiple allegations raised by the esteemed actress in her book, using a mix of Akan Twi, English, and Pidgin

He vehemently denied being the one who pushed for the abortion and asserts that it was Yvonne who engaged in promiscuous behaviour.

According to him, when Yvonne mentioned the pregnancy, he thought she was only “trying to start another drama” but he told her to keep it even though he wasn’t ready.

He explained extensively that it was rather Yvonne’s idea to have the baby aborted because she was in school.

The song’s lyric video depicts a female astronaut descending from space, possibly symbolizing Nelson’s declining career since the release of her book.

The release of “Try Me” clearly demonstrates Sarkodie’s discontent with Nelson’s book.

He has said that he initially wanted to take the matter “to my grave,” but he decided to speak out after he felt that Nelson was misrepresenting the truth.

It remains to be seen how Nelson will respond to “Try Me.”

Sarkodie Try Me Lyrics

Try Me Lyrics VIDEO:


S3 wonp3 mede3 aa gyae me
Ad3n na wo dada aa
Wo de ma me wie aa na wode akoma kwame
Ma mani so ataataame
S3 wonp3 me de3 aa mede3 gyaa me ma menkoo
Na obi fofro taaataa me
Wo gya me ho no wankra me
Baby girl make you no try me make you no try me

Verse 1

I never thought i was gonna be on this wave
Cos I was ready to take a couple things to my grave
First off lemme clap for you baby you brave
But you can’t pick and choose what to say please behave
Obiaa ansomawo so Ohemaa if you wanna talk
You gotto tell the world every other nigga you fucked
You can’t just play the victim and paint a picture like you were looking for love from all the dicks that you sucked?

Am not gonna sit here and lie we had a thing
First no I thought you were cool till I had a hint
Na me fiis3 boys a clocki with the baddest bitch nanso s3na yenyinaa y3 sesa so s3 Cuban links
I was trying to stay away from you but then you came
Wo Kyer3 me s3 wo nyem and I’m the one to be blamed
Ok of course I thought that you were trying to start another drama Abi boy from the street we know the game
Yes I wasn’t ready but then I told you to keep it
Wo kyer3 me s3 wo school na wo ko gotto complete it
To be very honest till today I don’t believe it
Cos me kaas3 meaa me doctor mb3 wh3 wo you said you don’t need it
After conversation naa then you sent me a text
S3 wadanfo bi wo doctor bi but you know he’s the best
So don’t you make it seem like I was the one pushing you for abortion cos that b the only part wey make I vex

S3 wonp3 mede3 aa gyae me
Ad3n na wo dada aa
Wo de ma me wie aa na wode akoma kwame
Ma mani so ataataame
S3 wonp3 me de3 aa mede3 gyaa me ma menkoo
Na obi fofro taaataa me
Wo gya me ho no wankra me
Baby girl make you no try me make you no try me


Few weeks you try to set me up again
Wo hy3 da twer3 me WhatsApp s3 you still go through the pain
But me knowing you I kinda knew that you were really up to something so I said that we should meet so you explain
Me arrange meeting wo Skybar
Wo se ho nipa no dooso I’m like ah
And then you told me s3 nka mensan bra wo fie na me se me? Na mensan mb3 hy3 wo d3m you lie bad
Nea Owo aka no p3n osuro sonson
Me nsan mmra wo fie biom Anadwo nonsoo
3nn3 wiase naa nea 3maa b3 ka biaa y3 b3 gye Edi Berma na b3 nom Aduro aa 3nyon
We know what it is shorty just chasing the bag
Cos after Wei does it really bring happiness back
Take the blame cos nobody is the cause for your bad choice in life stop the personal attacks
First few hours heard the book is doing well
Who is really shocked cos everybody can tell
So it’s not because your book is really good but we living in the world where negativity sells
I pray that you really get the healing that you need
M3n be claim good girl you are for the streets
Strategy na hit obaahemaa gye wo 2 meaa ma gye one copy sharp I’m about to read

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