Shatta Wale owes Junior US GH¢200,000 – Friend Alleges

Shatta Wale owes Junior US GH¢200,000 – Friend Alleges.

One of the close friends of the late Junior US aka Iron boy has alleged that Shatta Wale was owing Junior US GH¢200,000 before he died.

WATCH: Junior US friends blast Shatta Wale for failing to attend his funeral

According to the friend, Shatta Wale first owed Junior US GH¢150,000 and later GH¢50,000 which he paid none before Junior US died.

He made this revelation at the funeral service of Junior US held today, 1st June 2019 at Krofrom, Kumasi.

What made these friends come out and made the allegation is the fact that Shatta Wale did not show up for Junior US’ funeral service.

Many were expecting that Shatta Wale will come for the funeral considering how they were close when Junior US was alive.

Watch the video below;

Already Pope Skinny, the former right-hand man of Shatta Wale has alleged that some people are owing Junior US and they should pay.

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Pope Skinny was not bold enough to mention names but he gave enough reasons to suspect he was speaking about Shatta Wale.

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