You Want To Pocket The IMF Coronavirus Money For Elections – Wanlov To Nana Addo

You Want To Pocket The IMF Coronavirus Money For Elections – Wanlov To Nana Addo.

Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu well known as Wanlov the Kubolor has revealed hoe he sees the government managing the coronavirus pandemic in a nee freestyle dubbed ‘Rona Flow’.

In the freestyle, the musician calls on the president for lifting the 3-week impartial lockdown imposed on some parts of the country.

According to Wanlov, the government wants to use the 1 billion dollars the International Monetary Fund granted to Ghana as a loan to help fight COVID-19 for elections, hence lifting the partial lockdown despite the rise of the COVID-19 cases.

“100 people you say make we lockdown now 1000 people you break locks how … the IMF money you no wan use feed the people you wan chock am for election and some for your cathedral ” he rapped and in another line about the new voters’ registration exercise, he said, “you wan make we go register so say you go fit to see top”.

Listen to the song below;


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original by @worlasigh beat by @lisathecomposer artwork by @san.dersar LYRICS: a total tattle of doodles mek me i do tattoo? while corona dey read osagyefo e speech ghana yor beloved country is ofui forever 100 people u say we for lockdown now 1000 people u break the locks how? so dey slap we dey starve we n shoot we all for nottin we be sheep we be sheep we dey bleat i taste all the mutton the imf moni u no wan use am feed the people u wan chock am for elections n som for your cathedral wan mek we go register so say u go fit to see top u no ask the kayayei girls if today dey go fit chop see how u burn burn people dema houses for fadama the love inside dema owns be pure pass yor own for nima u guys be wicked chale wicked u just be too wicked u just dey kick it dey suck ya kalypo n 2 biskit the poor i see the more i see be civil war i see rona flow too savage be civil Worlasi ou la la la dis b d natural flow dat the kubolor brings ou la la la if i get nice beat i go do ma tin

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