Fuse ODG and Killbeatz Fights Over King Promise ?

Fuse ODG and Killbeatz Fights Over King Promise

Management of multiple award winning producer Killbeatz, has exclusively stated to Kulelive.com why Fuse ODG is throwing Killbeatz out of their mansion, and falsely accusing him of being a ritualist.

According to Killbeatz’s manager, Fuse ODG is behaving this way because of the hatred he has for rising star King Promise. Really? Read their side of the story and see if it can be true?

The long and short of this whole accusation is because Fuse ODG hates the fact that King Promise wasn’t signed under ODG records, rather, Legacy Life Records which is owned and managed by Killbeatz. Manager stated.

Fuse ODG has stated on many occasions to put King Promise on his label but for some reasons, we have refused to do that and he (Fuse ODG) hasn’t been happy with our declines.

But it doesn’t make sense to us because Killbeatz has produced a whole album for you Fuse ODG which we are all planning to release in January. So why will you fly down to Ghana to act strange to your producer over some false claims? Manager of Killbeatz asked

He further went ahead to talk about the blood found at Fuse ODGs house, which to them is a result of Killbeatz birthday celebration few days ago with some close friends and nothing more.

We had a birthday party for Killbeatz and as part of the celebration, R2Bees and some other friends brought a full cow for the barbecue. Muslims, after killing a cow, there are certain prayers one has to recite for taking away its life and we respect that tradition so we did that. We slaughtered the cow and poured out the blood in a hole which is normal to everyone so why will Fuse ODG book a flight all the way from London to Ghana and accuse his producer for doing rituals at a house they both own. Fuse ODG preaches This Is New Africa but it seems he knows nothing about Africa and Ghana if he tells me he doesn’t know this act is common in our Motherland.

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