Here’s why Lumba Brothers had to breakup

One of the originators of ‘Burger Highlife’, Nana Acheampong has discounted claims that he split with his other half-brother, Daddy Lumba over a woman.

Following the decision by both musicians who formed the famous Lumba Brothers to go solo, there were reports their division was fueled by a woman both were chasing.

But reacting to it for the first time on Kumasi-based Pure Fm monitored by, the musician stated unequivocally that it was neither because of a woman nor money but a collective decision arrived at.

“After coming out with songs for a couple of times and playing for almost 10 years, he moved from where we stayed in Germany to another place called Oldenburg and the distance was quite far. He was unable to be coming for regular rehearsals”, he revealed to host Hammer.

Though their fans were not too happy over the split, he insisted that it was not because of money or a woman but a development that led to them producing more music for the country.

He admitted both are good at writing songs and pray that they will continue to be inspired to do more and produce good songs for their fans.