I Can’t Have Sex Or Babies Because I Have Few Years To Live – UTV Presenter

If you believe life has not been fair to you then you have to read this  story of Abigail Ashley and you’ll discard that notion.

Who would have thought that the beautiful host of My Life My Health on UTV has been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4 and medically has some few years to live.

In an emotional laden interview with Showbiz, Abigail revealed that she has abstained from intimacy and cannot give birth because of her condition.She said:

“I was 27 years old when the doctors told me what they thought they knew but God had other plans for me. I was terrified when I was given five years to live.

“I was always scared to go to bed because I was not sure I would wake up the following day. This affected me a lot; I was not planning my life. I remember I used to tell people as for me I don’t care; after all, I will die soon.”

“Just last year, I was going through my things and realized I had clocked a decade and I was excited. I just thank God for my life and I think my faith in Him is why I made it this far. Currently, I am not bothered about death anymore, I am not worried. I only pray for more years so that I can fulfill my purpose on earth. I have a deep understanding of love and happiness so I laugh a lot and smile the least chance I get and that motivated me to write my first book, Behind My Smiles,” she added.

“It is not an easy thing. I mean I have to take drugs and injections every day. I need drugs to enable me urinate, I need injections to deal with the acid that my body will generate, I need drugs to control my blood pressure, to control my cholesterol etc.”

Narrating how it all started 10 years ago Abigail said:

“I was having frequent headaches and I did the usual thing  by taking pain killers. One evening, I started coughing blood, I was taken to the Airport Hospital and some tests were run.

“The next day, I realized I was swollen and I couldn’t breathe properly. A doctor advised that I was taken to Korle Bu. It was there that I was diagnosed with having the disease.”