I Never Regretted being your Wife – Val’s “TRIBUTE” to KABA

I Never Regretted being your Wife – Val’s “TRIBUTE” to KABA

Exactly a year today you formally agreed to be my wife and me your husband.

I’m grateful I chose you and you chose me: you know why; because in the last one year, I’ve had no reason to ask why I married and to you. As far as I am concerned I made the right decision.

In the last one year, God has also blessed this family with the miracle baby Nana Yaa.

What else can a man ask for in marriage?

So as we mark this milestone, I want to say thank you for choosing me. But it hasn’t all been a smooth sailing experience. We’ve had our own peculiar challenges and even through in all you stood by me……sicknesses, financial, my family, my mum, and most of all from me.

I know you sometimes complain I don’t listen to you or that when you speak I don’t let you finish and I cut in I know sometimes it’s bothersome to you. I promise to make amends. Forgive me if I hurt you in any way.

In the years ahead, I can only promise with God’s help to be a better husband and a father in all spheres.

There’s only one thing which lacks in our journey, getting closer to Christ. We must take steps to formalize our relationship with him again soon as we leave this place God willing to our house.

There’s only one thing I ask of you; don’t give up on me.

Don’t give up on us

Never stop praying for us- Myself, Yourself and Nana Yaa.

When I go wrong please correct me

Have never stopped loving you

Ours was not a mistake

It’s the envy of all

Let’s guard it jealously

If I were to be asked again the same question

KABA do you take Valentina Ofori-Afriyie as your wedded wife?

I’ll answer that a thousand times, Yes!!!

Happy anniversary Mary Val, Love you’’

This is what you wrote to me on our anniversary and how come the dream has been cut short? You are an exceptional human being. God fearing, lover of God, humble, respectful, tolerant, understanding, smart, and caring no wonder the first word that came out of Nana Yaa’s little lips was Dada.

You made fatherhood effortless and a sight to behold. You made me the happiest woman. There was never a dull moment with you. You were the perfect husband any one would wish for.

I can’t believe u are gone but I take consolation in the fact that you are in the bossom of our Lord. I am glad you knew the lord.

Me Kwadwo as I called u and your response was MVOAS the abbreviation of my name.

Fare thee well sweet Joe

I promise to continue to pray for us, can you also promise me you will do same?

What should I tell Nana Yaa when she asks of Dada?

Me Kwadwo can I ever stop asking WHY?

But I take consolation in the word of God in the bible in your favorite book Philippians 4:13 which says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…

I will also teach Nana Yaa to memorize Philippians 4:19 which says …and my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.

I will also remember to tell her what a wonderful father and husband you were. It’s unfortunate we couldn’t have more, but like everyone tells me the Lord knows best. You will continually be in our hearts.

Thank you for being a huge part of my life.

My Husband, My friend,

My Love, rest well in the bosom of the Almighty!!!