‘They want a share of my Greatness’ — Kuami Eugene responds to Song Theft saga

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Kuami Eugene responds to Song Theft saga

They want a share of my Greatness‘ — Kuami Eugene responds to Song Theft saga.

2020 Ghana Music Awards “Artiste of the Year” winner Kuami Eugene has reacted to claims that he has been taking tunes of others, particularly the best in class ones.

As indicated by him, he is completely mindful of the tune robbery allegations against him however Ghanaians ought to rather have compassion toward the people who point fingers at him.

This is on the grounds that he has had the option to create hit tunes even at his age.

He accepts the artistes denouncing him don’t have hit tunes more than him.

Talking on Ahosepe Xtra on Adom Tv observed by Pulse.com.gh, the “Open Gate” hitmaker says everybody will get a kick out of the chance to connect themselves with a significance that is ordinary to him.

Here and there subsequent to recording, he assumes that somebody will guarantee responsibility for a record if a verse or tune matches. They hurry to deliver the melody in case it isn’t out to come to a meaningful conclusion.

Kumai Eugene added that any individual who comes out to guarantee he’s taken their tunes abruptly stands out enough to be noticed.

He keeps up with that there is just the same old thing.

“Have mercy on those who say I have stolen their song. Regardless I have been able to make countless hits. Normally those who complain much about me do not even have three songs like mine. At my age, I haven’t been around for a long time now but I have done a few which I thank God for it,” he stated.

“I think people like to eat ripe fruits and people will like to associate themselves with greatness. It’s normal. Do we sometimes tell ourselves some people are digging their archives waiting to see if their songs match? Even if the song is not released, the person hurries to release for publicity.”

The Lynx Entertainment singer has been accused on many occasions of allegedly stealing songs.

The latest is from the camp of Bhadext Cona who is claiming Kuami stole the song originally titled “ Bolga” and changed “Bunker”. – source: Desvid



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