Woman urinates in the middle of a banking hall

Woman urinates in the middle of a banking hall.

An angry woman who could not stand how she was being bounced around by the staff of a bank she had visited to transact business squat right in the middle of banking hall and eased herself to the shock of everyone around.

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The woman who is yet to be identified had visited the banking hall and in the course of the service had the urge to urinate. From what we have been told, she informed staff at the hall and they told her to wait; they will get her a key.

For an hour, they kept telling her to wait for a key to the washroom, angered by the incident, she walked to the middle of the banking hall, shifted her panty to one side and urinated on the floor.

Many people at the banking who were shocked by the woman’s action kept staring in awe but the elderly woman did not care and held her skirt tight as she eases herself.



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The question on most people’s lips on social media now is: would she have shi*ted inside the banking hall if it was the same scenario? Some people are bold mehn!!