George Lutterodt loses COUNSELOR title

George Lutterodt loses COUNSELOR title.

The Ghana Psychology Council has announced that Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt,, who is commonly referred to in the media as counselor Lutterodt has no training or qualification to be referred to as a counselor.

The council has therefore appealed to the media not to refer to him as a counselor and to desist from airing or publishing statements from unlicensed persons like his caliber.

Known for controversial statements, George Lutterodt recently claimed that ladies in their natural hair were depressed. This claim, the Psychology Council, says is false and unscientific.

“The Psychology Council wishes to caution that media houses which air unfounded statements from unlicensed persons are contravening the laws of Ghana and propagating falsehood with the aim of deceiving and harming the good people of the country. Such statements are threats to the health of our country and should be discouraged and condemned by all,” the press release read in part.