Mz Forson only shows her backside, She is empty

Ola Michael and other entertainment exerts have not only bashed Black Avenue signee Mz Forson but have described her as empty and only in to show her as*.

In an interview earlier, Mz Forson disclosed that selling her body is also part of her brand.

She also added that she exposes her body to entertain her fans

Entertainment critic, Ola Michael did not only disagree with the artiste’s opinion, he suggested that music isn’t for her

Radio Presenter, Adu Kumi said;

“I don’t blame Mz Forson. I blame her parents. She said her parents want her to be happy and entertain her fans. No courtesy. No respect for personal pride.”

Mz Forson made it clear that her father advised her not to expose herself on stage but usually everyone blames the parents for their children’s ‘wrongdoing’.

Ola Michael went on to say,

“Mz Forson said she is not empty. Unfortunately, she is empty. I see her to be empty.”

Ola Michael left a piece of advise for Black Avenue’s new signee

“The best advise I can give Mz Forson is, she should have stuck to being a video vixen. Or maybe try her hands on strip dancing. That is because she is selling her body.”