7 Types of Men You Should “Avoid Dating”

Looking for real love? It’s always good to be careful not to fall for the wrong guy. The first few months of dating are always fun, as you only get to see the good in your partner.

As time passes by, you begin to notice the short comings in your partner (which is fine, because no one is perfect). However, there are traits in men you have to avoid because you will only end up in tears.

Here are the 7 types of men you should avoid dating:

1. Unreliable guy.

This is the type of guy who will ask you out on a date, then, on that day, fails to show up.  Such guys are good talkers and promise you the world but it is all hot air. You will never see action.

2. Hit and run.

This is the kind of guy who only wants to hit it and drop you like a hot potato. Such guys are always quick to make demands and sometimes even pretend to be better mannered than angels. Walk away while you still have your dignity.

3. The player.

No one loves to be heartbroken. If he cheated on you, before you were exclusive, expect him to do it again and again. Once a cheater always a cheater.

4. The guy who doesn’t try.

If he is the guy who has a job but is always complaining that taking time to enjoy oneself is wasteful, then watch yourself. Expect such men to dodge anything that looks like a date or gifts.

5. The no ambition guy.

There are types of guys who are done with school, but are always home watching movies and never bother to look for a job. Avoid such men. Look for a man who has a vision and is working towards achieving his dreams.

6. The controlling guy.

Does he always ask you to do things his way? If he doesn’t give you a chance to express yourself, then he is a selfish guy. Avoid this man and save yourself the heartache.

7. Mommy’s boy.

Mommy’s boys always have to seek their mom’s approval for anything. You are always going to play second fiddle in such a relationship, so walk away.

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