9 Signs He/She will never Marry You


Nine (9) Signs He/She will never “Marry You”

Forget dating for fun, any serious person knows that a relationship should lead to something more than just boyfriend and girlfriend.

It should lead to marriage but it is usually a two way street. You can never force your other half to get into a marital affair with you or want the idea of marriage. Women especially think they can control when a man will marry her as if he is a goal that you need to score. The reality is you can be with a man or woman for so long but he/she doesn’t have the intention of marrying you. Here are signs he/she will never marry you.

1. He/She keeps saying he doesn’t believe in marriage.

What does that even mean? Yet He/She wants you to act like a wife/Husband by cooking or Paying bills and taking care of his/her ass but for nothing?

2. Every time you tried talking about marriage he/she changes the subject.

He/She insists that it is not the right time to talk about it even after you’ve been together for a while. Every time he/she talks about sex you should change the subject.

3. He/She keeps asking if there is a difference between staying together and marriage.

There is a big difference. One he needs to pay dowry and the other one you’re just two people living dangerously together and He/She can leave you at any time.

4. He/She makes you feel stupid every time you talk about marriage.

He says things like “is that the only thing you think about?” well maybe it is and so what damn what?

5. He/She doesn’t even call you his girlfriend/boyfriend.

He/She calls you his good friend but you just assumed your position and now you’re crying.

6. Meeting his/her parents is a big no.

He/She says things like ” babe I know what we are so why do we need to let everyone know?” you know, such lame excuses. This just means you’re not the one.

7. When you ask about his/her future plans it doesn’t include you.

He/She even plans on traveling for few years but not with you, unless you will fit in his suitcase during that time.

8. When people ask when he/she will get married he/she get’s upset and you’re right there.

He/She never responds and neither does He/She smile, instead gets upset and even accuses you of giving people the idea that you might get married.

9. He/She has told you he doesn’t want to think about marriage at all.

So what are we doing here ? Two years later and we’re still talking about work and food.

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