John Dumelo calls for legalization of polygamy in Ghana

John Dumelo calls for legalization of polygamy in Ghana.

Renowned actor and politician, John Dumelo has intimated that polygamy should be legalized in Ghana because there is nothing wrong with it.

Under the country’s civil laws, polygamy is considered to be an illegal lifestyle, even though a large part of the population who are Muslims and members of the African Traditional religion do not find any problem with it.

Explaining his stance in an interview on Accra based Citi FM, the recently-married actor noted that although he does not believe in Polygamy, there is nothing wrong with engaging in the act once the family has enough resources to take care of the multiple wives and Children.

According to John Dumelo, women should also be allowed to chose multiple husbands because it is ‘perfect’ for both ways.

“I feel that there’s nothing wrong with it. I mean if our brothers and sisters who are Muslims are doing it perfectly, why not Christians? Provided you can take care of your family and your two or three wives that’s fine and I mean, I speak to a lot of Muslim friends of mine and they’re okay with it, personally I don’t believe in it but I feel it’s good for Ghana.

“The reversal is also perfect, do it both ways, do it for women also but naturally, men are like that and women aren’t so you will find less women doing that but I think should be legalized”, he stated.

In Ghana, there are about three (3) different laws governing marriage: the Customary Marriage and Divorce Registration Law, 1985 (PNDCL 112) amended by PNDCL 263; the Marriage Ordinance, 1884 (Cap 127); and the Marriage of Mohammedan’s Ordinance, 1884 (Cap 129).

Under PNDCL 112, a man, in principle, can have as many wives as he can reasonably take care of them that will willingly marry him. But under the Marriage Ordinance, whether in church or in court, it’s strictly a man to a wife. Also, it is common knowledge that Islam allows up to a ceiling of 4 wives, and so does the Mohammedan’s Ordinance.