Man caught stuck on a Married Woman while Snake prevents anyone from Separating them (VIDEO)

Man Caught stuck On A Married Woman While Snake Prevents Anyone From Separating Them

A man has been caught on camera stuck on a married woman in bed while a snake is seen preventing people from separating or help them.

This is from a video that has just surfaced on social media that has gone viral instantly.

The viral video sighted by captures the exact moment the man is seen stuck on his girl, a married woman with three kids.

As if that is not enough, a wild cobra snake is seen lying just beside them, as if to say it is guiding or prevent anyone from helping the stuck couple.

According to several details gathered, the two were later separated after a local witch doctor was called in. Unlucky for them, the husband of the married man was then present to see everything.

Check out the video below.