Man confirm Sleeping with Cecilia Marfo

A man claiming to be the cook of gospel musician Cecilia Marfo has confirmed accusations against the musician and revealed more secrets about her evil ways.

According to the cook identified as Godwin, Cecilia Marfo is a very demonic person who is more than a wolf.

“It hurts me when I see Cecilia Marfo on social media denying all the allegations reveled against her and its sad how Ghanaians are still defending her.

I am Godwin and I led prayer sessions at her Church. I was also her cook so I know almost everything about her. Whatever that Pastor is saying is very true. This woman is very demonic, who commits adultery and is more than a wolf.

She also invoked curses on me and her manager in the church over something we knew nothing about. God will reveal all her secrets and disgrace her. She is very evil.

Cecilia Marfo is not a prophet from God. She also revealed to me that her husband is a wizard and also say bad things about him. Cecilia Marfo, God will surely punish you”, Godwin disclosed.

Godwin also advised Ghanaians not to be deceived by her mode of dressing as she is a false prophet drawing Christians away from God.

He also charged the musician to come out and debunk all allegations levelled against her if they were really false.

Recently, an associate pastor of the musician revealed that Cecilia Marfo is a hypocrite and a  cheat who does not have the spirit of God.

He also revealed that the gospel musician cheated on her husband with her driver before attending her prayer conference in Kumasi.

Another gospel musician, Giftty Adorye also stated that Cecilia Marfo wrote her name on a 50 cedi note with the intention of killing her.