Menzgold Denies Being Ordered To Shut Down By S.E.C

In a statement from the management of gold trading company Menzgold Ghana Limited has denied reports suggesting the Securities and Exchange Commission has ordered the shut down of all operations by the firm.

Reports of the SEC ordering Menzgold Ghana to seize all trading and related operations came in earlier today but the statement below from the management of the gold firm debunks such reports.

The statement reads:

The Management of Menzgold Ghana finds it very unfortunate that a letter relating to business discussions between the organization and the Securities and Exchange Commission has found its way to the public.
Menzgold in the wake of the Bank of Ghana warning to the public to desist from doing business with the organization availed itself to all relevant State Institutions for various consultations and dialogues designed to arrive at a productive and sustainable resolution.
One of such organizations is the Securities and Exchange Commission with whom we have been hopeful of arriving at a cordial resolution to all matters if any, then we submit to its standards if we must.
This needless leak believed to be coming from the Securities and Exchange Commission is, to say the least, in very bad faith and distasteful; as it defeats our confidence in the body and an affront to cooperation. We totally condemn it!
As a law abiding organization, we have referred the matter to our lawyers and rest assured, the right action shall be taken.
We hereby assure all our cherished customers that neither Menzgold as a business entity nor any of its products has been shut down.
We urge for calm as we deal with this matter to its logical conclusion. Your gold trades are very safe and business is proceeding as usual.
Signed Management MENZGOLD GHANA