Obinim finally sends strong warning to Rev. Obofour

It seems the ongoing feud between the two most popular men of God, Angel Obinim and Rev Obofour is not ending anytime soon.

In a recent video, the founder and leader of International God’s Way Church Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim has sent a strong warning to his arch-rival Rev Obofour for peddling lies against him.

Angel Obinim stated that he has remained silent for five years about Obofour lies against him and is no more going to keep mute about it.

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He denied all the allegations leveled against him including Rev Obofour’s claim that he (Obinim) poached five of his workers to his ministry.

He stated that Rev Obofour is bent on painting him black and making him the villain in this issue but will not give him the satisfaction of fulfilling that mission.


Obinim gave Rev Obofour an ultimatum of 24 hours to retract his statement and also prove his claim that he poached five workers from his television station.

Angel Obinim further stated that he has only two workers who manage his television station, rubbishing Rev Obofour’s accusations.

Angel Obinim described Angel Obofour as a proud, arrogant and disrespectful person and warned him to desist from tarnishing his image.

This comes after Rev Obofour in addressing in congregation disclosed that Angel Obofour took so many steps to destroy his ministry.