Six (6) Great Reasons Why We Love Christmas

Six (6) Great Reasons Why We Love Christmas

It’s Christmas again and we’re so happy!

It’s the best time of the year if you ask us. We enjoy many things about December and the holidays. Here are a few reasons why we love Christmas:

1. Lots of concerts and events

This season is packed full of concerts by your favourite musicians. There are also lots of other events in the same season like food, arts and drink festivals etc. It’s the season to go to as many places as possible.

2. Christmas Reunions

Remember that your cousin you haven’t seen all year? This season is usually the best time for family and other kinds of reunions. The friends who school far away come back and you get to enjoy their company during the holidays.

3. All the gifts we get

It is the season for giving. Of course, we all like gifts. So, we get lots during the holidays.

4. Lots of  Food

Holiday weight gain is a thing, people! This is because there is often a lot to eat during the Christmas season. Everywhere you turn, you will find food. Christmas is a foodie’s best season.

5. Beautiful fireworks

Lots of beautiful fireworks to be seen around. It’s a chance to relax with your friends, family and watch the pretty colours in the sky especially around New Year.

6. Visiting Charities
This season isn’t only for receiving gifts, it is also for giving gifts. Another reason why we love Christmas is that it is a chance for many people to give back to the needy in the society.