PHOTOS: Top (10) Tallest Buildings In Ghana

Tall buildings are becoming a preferred infrastructure for both developed and developing countries. The tallest building in the world which is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai with 163 floors (828m) with the Shangai Tower in China being the next with 121 floors.

When it comes to Africa it is the Great Mosque of Algiers (270), other tall buildings in Africa are the Ponte City Apartment (173m) and Carlton Culture (223m) both in South Africa.

When it comes to our motherland Ghana, we have quite a number of them, the list of Skycrappers in Ghana were compiled by Lamudi.

10. Villagio Vista, Aqua

This is a residential facility with 12 floors and is managed by Trassacco Estates. You can find this facility at Tettah Quarshie near Accra Mall.

9. Electro-Volta House

This is a 12 storey facility which is owned by the Volta River Authority. The Accra facility serves as their head office.

8. Premier Towers

The 13 floor building is situated in Accra near the National Theatre and the SSNIT House. Its houses companies like Zenith Bank and Soceite Generale.

7. Atlantic Towers

This is located at Airport City it also has 13 floors.

6. Cedi House

Cedis House is a 14 storey which is located in the central busines district of Accra. It is a commercial office the Ghana Stock Exchange  and the annex of the bank of Ghana.

5. Ridge Towers

The 15 storey was built in 2005 and is also located in the Central Business District of Accra. It houses financial institutions and other businesses.

4. Heritage Towers

Heritage towers is a 16 storey commercial office space located at the Ambassadorial Enclave in Ridge. It houses commercial and financial institutions such a the United Bank for Africa.

3. World Trade Centre, Accra

This is a 17 storey located at Accra Central. It is occupied by the World Trade Center and other offices. It also provides temporary offices.

2. Villagio Vista, Azure

This is the second tallest building in Ghana with 18 floors. The red structure is also managed by the company, Trasacco and it is located in the same vicinity with Villagio Vista, Alto.

1.Villagio Vista, Alto

This is currently the tallest residential facility in Ghana with 27 floors built and managed by the company, Trasacco and it is located at Tetteh Quarshie. The yellow building is the newest addition to the Villagio Vista