Eight (8) Things That Could Help You Stop Snoring

Eight (8) Things That Could Help You Stop Snoring

Let’s get real: snoring’s not a great habit. It’s annoying, it doesn’t scream attractive and it can get in the way of your precious sleep.

Which is why the people at Sleepy People have outlined eight snoring remedies that could be the answer to all your sound asleep woes.

1. Try different sleep positions

Sleeping flat on your back is considered the worst position for snoring. This is because the base of your tongue relaxes onto the back wall of your throat, causing extra vibration during your sleep, increasing snoring. So if you find yourself snoring loads, try and lie on your side and see if it helps.

2. Change your pillows

Allergens can gather in your bedding (something which washing your pillowcases just won’t clear up), which in turn can contribute to issues such as snoring. The simple solution is to invest in some new pillows, which support the head and neck to encourage better breathing and reduce snoring.

3. Improve your sleeping habits

In an ideal world, we would all enjoy the recommended 8 hours sleep per night, and while that might not always be achievable, consistently not getting enough shut-eye makes you overtired. This means when you finally grab some sleep, your body relaxes and falls into deeper sleep much quicker, lifting the possibility of snoring.

4. Stay hydrated

To keep healthy and stay hydrated, women should drink around 11 glasses of water a day. Not drinking enough means that part of your nose and soft palate become stickier, which can cause snoring – meaning drinking more H2O could be one of the easiest and all-round healthy solutions.

5. Avoid alcohol

Sedatives and alcohol have a similar effect to your muscles as being overtired, therefore increasing your chances of snoring. Drinking within 4-5 hours of going to sleep can increase the chances of snoring – which means that if you’re gonna booze, you probably need to warn whoever you’re sharing a bed with first.

6. Have a hot shower

Unsurprisingly, the clarity of your nasal passages can contribute to snoring, so if you’re a nasal snorer, a hot shower before bed could be the perfect remedy. The hot water can help widen your nasal passages, which is particularly helpful if they are currently suffering from a cold. Also, try keeping a bottle of saltwater in the shower to rinse your nose, which can also help.

7. Quit smoking

Are you a smoker? Cutting back attempting to stop all together would not only improve your health, but your snoring problem, too. Smoking irritates the membranes inside the throat and nose, which can reduce the airways and cause snoring.

8. Try an anti-snoring mouthpiece

Yep, they do exist, and promise to improve your breathing and therefore stop the snoring. There are a number of different mouthpieces out there, so it’ll be a case of trial and error and finding out if one works for you.
Happy sleeping (hopefully).