Which One Is Good For Your Body, Cold Water Or Warm Water ? – Find Out Here

Given that water makes up to 60 percent of the human body, rehydrating on a daily basis is critical! While most people drink their water cold, research show that warm water is far more beneficial.

What Does Drinking Cold Water Do To You?
First, let`s explain what drinking cold/ cool water does to your body:

Blood vessels become smaller and restrict digestive abilities
It can make your body work harder trying to regulate new, colder temperatures
Creates excess mucus in the body and increases the risk of getting sick
It can solidify fats and make it harder for your body to digest fats

7 Reasons to Drink Warm Water
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Hindu Medicine, these are the benefits of drinking warm water:

1. Improves Metabolism

Drinking warm water promotes much quicker metabolic rates and healthier metabolism.  The best way to achieve this is to drink warm water in the morning with a splash of lemon juice.

2. Improves Digestion

Drinking a glass of warm to hot water is one of the best ways to get rid of the toxic matter from your system.  Water at these temperatures breaks down oils and foods faster, making the digestive work easier.  For this purpose, the best time to drink warm water is after a meal.

A cup of boiled water in the morning can also cleanse your stomach and aid digestion, according to the British Homeopathic Association.

3. Cleans and Purifies Your Blood

According to Ayurvedic medicine, storing water in a copper container kills detrimental bacteria and purifies the blood. In the morning, drink warm water out of a copper vessel to boost your body`s detoxification process.

4. Battles Obesity and High Cholesterol

The combination of water and citrus fruits like lemon and lime can be helpful for diabetics, as it improves blood circulation by breaking down build-up in arteries.  As an added bonus, it helps regulate blood sugar levels and keep weight in check.

5. Lowers Mucus Accumulation

One study studies the effects of cold water, hot water, and chicken soup on mucus accumulation. It was found that the amount of the mucus accumulation in the nose, throat and gastrointestinal tract decreased when they drank hot water.

6. Eases Constipation

Bloating that comes hand in hand with constipation is often a sign of dehydration.  To keep the bowel movements regular, don’t forget to drink warm water during the day!

Well so now we can conclude that warm water is considered favorable to the human body as compared to cold water, that is traditionally preferred.