Slay Queen curses a man who pressed her Butt in public – WATCH VIDEO

Slay Queen curses a man who pressed her Butt in public

In this 21st century, the indecent way of dressing by some ladies is really bad to the extent that some even choose to wear clothes that will expose their inner parts, all in the name of following the trends in fashion.

Due to this indecency, some ladies have fall victim to rape, insults, and sexual harassment from the opposite sex. A lady from Nigerian has fallen a victim to this harassment while passing through one of the busiest markets in Ikeja, Computer Village.

From a video which was filmed by an eye witness, the lady calmly walking through the streets with many people screaming and making noise as she passes by with her short and tight pink dress.

It was at this point that a trouble maker from nowhere came from the back and grabbed butt and immediately took to his heels to avoid being slapped or beaten by the lady or people around.

This move by the hooligan made her angry as she turned her back and started insulting and raining all sorts of curses on the unknown guy who suddenly took to his heels after grabbing her butt.

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