Emelia Brobbey speaks on husband snatching and theft rumours

Emelia Brobbey speaks on husband snatching and theft rumours

Emelia Brobbey has disclosed in a recent interview how she deals with trolls and unfounded accusations running wild in the media about her.

The Kumawood actress revealed how she has survived these rumors about her snatching someone’s husband and stealing a bracelet in London in the past.

In an interview with Halifax Addo on Okay FM, Emelia spoke about her newly found music career and how she has always had a love for music.

In response to how she dealt with criticism regarding her debut single Fa Meko, she stated that she is no more affected by insults from haters.

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The Okukuseku Show host admitted that initially she was worried by the bad reception her song received among a section of fans but moved on from it and decided to focus on those that appreciate her craft.

Emelia was particularly unsettled by the host’s persistent questioning on why she chose to do music and disclosed that she even had a song out way before Fa Meko to prove music is not just a ”borrowed” career.

She clarified that she wasn’t into music to make up for her waning acting career or for money as some have purported.

Furthermore, Emelia went on to speak on why she hardly comments on all the allegations leveled against her in the past.

She expressed that she would rather let her life either confirm or deny any rumours out there and that trying to clear her name is unnecessary in her opinion.

Emelia Brobbey is currently the host of the Okukuseku Show telecast on national television aside from her acting and music careers.

Meanwhile, she recently featured Rockstar Kuami Eugene on a hit song titled Makoma which currently has over 500,000 views on YouTube.