Fella Makafui twerk her huge tundra in a new video.

Fella Makafui, the girlfriend of Ghanaian rapper, Medikal has once again set social media on fire with a wild twerking video.

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It is unknown what event the Medikal couple was having but it appears to be a get together at Medikal’s house with friends in attendance.

Wearing some tight skinny, Fella Makafui could be seen in the video giving some crazy twerk like there is no tomorrow.

The video has gone viral ever since it hit social media. Chaley, Fella Makafui has some serious plantation backside and can really shake it!! You check it out.



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Recently, Fella Makafui bought a KIA Optima car and opened a supermarket for her mother. All the ventures were funded by her rich boyfriend, Medikal.

Thanks for watching (Fella Makafui twerk her huge tundra in a new video).