Ghana Government see entertainers as Jokers – Pascal Amanfo

Ghana Government see entertainers as Jokers – Pascal Amanfo.

Ghana-based Nigerian movie director and producer, Pascal Amanfo has lamented the neglect of the Ghanaian government to the entertainment industry.

He sadly stated that leaders of the country do regard entertainers as serious people.

Pascal said they only see entertainers as jokers and useless people.

The popular movie director asserted that the government can rake in a lot of money if they invest in the sector.

He stressed that the profit that can be generated from the sector can even be more than oil money.

“I will entreat the president of Ghana to see entertainment as a business. Entertainment is a huge money-spinner in America. I think our leaders do not know…they see us just like we are just joking around,” told Kisa Gbekle on GHOne TV’s BOE in a yet to aired episode chanced upon by

Pascal Amanfo added that the government should see the potentials and how entertainment can help reduce the unemployment rate in the country.