Nana Agradaa exposes Papa Kumasi

Nana Agradaa exposes Kumawood actor Papa Kumasi.

Rumours were rife not too long ago from the camp of CEO of Thunder TV, Nana Agradaa and comic actor, Papa Kumasi in reference to having amorous relationship.

It all started when Papa Kumasi quit working with Thunder TV and fast forward, people started developing theories to figure out what went wrong between Nana Agradaa and the comic actor.

As stated earlier, one of the theories got to do with Papa Kumasi going out out with Thunder TV CEO. But reacting to the rumours in an interview with Inside Prime Page television hosted by Fante Quoo, there existed no amorous relationship or whatsoever between Nana Agradaa and himself.

Giving more insight to buttress his point, Papa Kumasi made it emphatic that he don’t go out with older women. In short, Nana Agradaa isn’t his taste of woman irrespective of her beauty, ceteris paribus.

All this while, Nana Agradaa never made any public statement about the talk of Ghana. But the good news is that Nana Agradaa who happens to be the CEO of Thunder TV has finally let the cat out of the bag in reference to her alleged amorous relationship with Papa Kumasi.

In the voice of Nana Agradaa in the studios of Thunder TV, she expressed shock over the rumours going around that Papa Kumasi and her were once an item. She further noted that there’s no way she will do that because Papa Kumasi used to wash her car, therefore, dating him has never been the option.

Nana Agradaa went on to disclose how the life of Papa Kumasi is built on lies and deceit!! The powerful traditional priestess revealed how Papa Kumasi performed abysmally when he was working with Thunder TV which compelled her to terminate his contract.