Shatta Wale is a bad influence on the youth – Aka Blay

Shatta Wale is a bad influence on the youth – Aka Blay.

Ghanaian highlife musician, Anthony Aka Blay has opined that dancehall musician Shatta Wale has a negative impact on the youth.

According to the ‘Take Away’ hitmaker, Shatta Wale has a huge fan base and must use his influence to affect the youth positively.

“With his large fan base, I don’t expect Shatta Wale to use certain words and engage in indecent acts. I know he has the largest fan base in Ghana at the moment but what impact is he making on them?

The youth are engaged in all sorts of bad activities because they see him as their role model and blindly copy what he does. I expect a lot from him as the leader he claims to be because the youth are going wayward and I will blame it largely on him”, he stated.

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The highlife musician also noted that the current young musicians are very indiscipline in the music business.

“Most of these young musicians are so undisciplined which gets me upset. You give them time for a meeting and they come at their own time.

Others do not even regard their managers because they believe they are more famous than their managers. I have been talking to some of them and I pray they change”, he added.