“You’re not on my level” – Kwaw Kese mocks Yaa Pono as he drop his achievements

Kwaw Kese drops his achievements to mock Yaa Ponobiom.

Rapper Kwaw Kese and Yaa Pono ignited a new beef somewhere last week after the former slammed the latter for dissing Sarkodie in a freestyle he shared on social media.

According to Kwaw Kese, Yaa Pono is only jealous of Sarkodie’s achievements because they all started their music careers in the same period but clearly, one is miles ahead of the other.

Kwaw Kese quickly took to his Twitter timeline to land heavy jabs on Yaa Pono.

If you diss someone who’s ahead of you in everything, you’re wasting your time. Use that energy to better yourself

Kwaw Kese later replied to Kwaw Kese’s jab and told him to shut up and not mingle with his beef with Sarkodie because he knows what he’s doing and even Sarkodie himself int worried about the shits he threw at him in his freestyle.

Fast forward, Abodam has taken another deep swipe at Yaa Pono once again by posting his 2008 VGMA record on his social media pages.

According to Kwaw Kese, since Yaa Pono has not achieved a quarter of what he has done in the music industry he should ‘shush’ and learn from him because they are not on the same level.

Shady Kwaw Kese captioned his post targeted at ridiculing Yaa Pono as;

If you’re not in these league, you no Dey my level???. I no go mind you sef