Apraku My Daughter reveals how his churches collapsed within a year

Apraku My Daughter reveals how his churches collapsed within a year.

Born Emmanuel Kwaku Apraku aka Apraku my daughter in times past was one of the famous pastors in Ghana.

The popular pastor a year ago in an interview with Peace FM revealed how he got his name ‘Apraku My Daughter‘.

He explained that thinking ‘daughter” refers to a man, he was asleep when he had a vision and God said: “Apraku my daughter, go and preach my word to unbelievers”.

Since then, people started calling him “Apraku My Daughter”. It continued for a while so he had no choice but to accept the name like that.

On how his over 25 churches collapsed he said, he traveled outside Ghana to start new branches but when he got back to Ghana, his junior pastors have gone their separate ways with his church members.

A founder of a church which had branches in USA, Holland, Switzerland, and others but it all collapsed within a year.

According to Apraku in the interview Ghnewslab.com monitored, he stayed one-year abroad— moving from one country to the other— starting new branches.

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He returned to see what has happened at home and found out his junior pastors have fled which his members which led on to break the churches he has founded.. And that was the collapsed of his churches.